Lake Ecology Education Program (LEEP)

Since 2009, we have been partnering with the Drummond Area School District to help seventh grade students become life-long lake stewards. Our award-winning program delivers classroom lessons and a field trip in both spring and fall. The curriculum meets Wisconsin educational standards.

You can take the LEEP, too! We encourage other lake associations and communities to create their own LEEP for Youth programs, using our curriculum as a template.

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LEEP Curriculum

The program consists of several modules regarding lake ecology and stewardship. Each fall and spring, students are introduced to a variety of topics with hands-on classroom lessons, followed by field trips to apply and reinforce these concepts at a local lake. The faculty consists of community and lake association volunteer educators, plus one middle school science teacher and one English Language Arts teacher. Our field trips have had student to teacher ratios of ~1.5 to 1, and pre- and post-tests document improved lake ecology knowledge. In addition, a written evaluation by students documents their attitudes and helps inform discussions for curriculum improvement.

To download the full Curriculum Guide, click here. For information about individual modules, helpful tips and suggestions, and other resources, see below.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the program materials are posted as downloadable files in PDF format. Contact us if you would like to receive editable Word versions or the Critical Habitat presentation as a PowerPoint file.