Our Mission:  To protect, preserve and improve the environmental and aesthetic qualities of the Eau Claire Lakes Area watershed, including the lakes, rivers, shorelands, wetlands, forests and attendant wildlife resources.


What Time Is It? It’s Time to Harvest CLP!

The Town of Barnes BAISS boat crew harvested curly-leaf pondweed (CLP) on June 23 as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of this aquatic invasive. Two divers joined the boat operator for six hours on Upper Eau Claire Lake.

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Join Us for Our Annual Meeting via Zoom July 18

Join us online for our annual meeting! Our business meeting will be followed by an informative discussion about ways to mitigate shoreline damage. A link to the Zoom meeting will be emailed to those on our email list and the meeting packet will be posted here.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Friends of the Eau Claire Lakes Area, officially registered as Property Owners Association, Inc. Barnes/Eau Claire Lakes Area, is a voluntary group of year-round and seasonal residents and visitors interested in preserving the beautiful environment in this remarkable corner of northwest Wisconsin. The local water quality is listed in the top 10% of all Wisconsin waters and we have a dedicated group of volunteers who monitor the water quality and educate the population on how to maintain this remarkable asset. We work with local governments, local businesses, and environmental organizations to advance our objectives.

Our organization has developed and funded an award-winning educational program with the Drummond Area School District that takes middle school students to the outdoors for hands-on learning. We sponsor programs and seminars for adults in the community about everything from cooking to successful fishing to maintaining septic systems. We initiated a cooperative program with the Town of Barnes to develop and fund an effective boat landing watercraft inspection program to protect the lakes from invasive species. Our members volunteer to inspect the shorelines for any signs of invasive species and work with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in control efforts.

We always welcome suggestions on how we can improve our organization and better serve the people in our impact area (please contact us at We encourage you to officially join our organization.

Kevin Shriver

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