Go Native!

Adding native plants to your lake property can benefit insects, wildlife and even the water quality of your lake.  On this page, we have compiled lists and publications we hope you will find informative and helpful.  Just click on the images and links to learn more.

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Douglas County Land

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Andy Teal

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Compiled by P. Goggin, Vilas County Conservationist

The “Shoreland Restoration Guide” is a 2006 publication of the Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas and Iron Counties Land Conservation Department. You can also find this handy guide on the Bayfield County website (Land Conservation Department). 

From pages 24-29 of this guide:  “Native Vegetation List by Soil Type.”

The Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership shared this booklet, produced by a collaborative group of managers and outreach professionals across the Upper Midwest. It provides “examples of everyday shoreline property owners that dipped their toes into a natural shoreline.”

Property owners may print and use freely.