First Healthy Lakes Projects Completed

This month we mailed our first reimbursement checks to property owners who are participating in the WDNR’s Healthy Lakes & Rivers grant program with us, and we’re enjoying this more than we can say! Reimbursements so far are for a shoreline 350-square-foot native planting ($1,000), an upland water diversion ($445), and a rain garden ($962). There are still 10 more projects scheduled for completion this winter and next spring/summer! Our thanks to the property owners and our volunteers who are donating their time and energy to make this possible. Thanks also to the WDNR and the wonderful staff there.

Healthy Lakes & Rivers includes 5 simple best practices that improve habitat and water quality on shoreland property. If you’d like to be included in our next grant application (next fall), check out and then email us at