Douglas County Hires AIS Coordinator

Douglas County has hired Jill Jacoby as its Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, and citizens are invited to contact Jill with AIS-related questions. Jill can be reached at or 715-395-1571. Jill will serve in this position through August, and at that time another individual will take over the position.  FOECLA is proud to provide financial support for the grant which funds Jill’s work. Our area served extends into Douglas County.

Jill provided the following information about herself:

I am excited to join Douglas County and the AIS efforts.  I have a varied background that weaves threads of education, water resources, and environmental leadership together.  I have been an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickenson University (NJ) teaching about climate change, environmental issues, and nature oriented courses in an online platform.  I founded a nonprofit organization to educate the public about wetlands and the role they play in storm water management.

I have a strong interest in horticulture and know many of the aquatic species in the Douglas County region.  I grow shiitake mushrooms and I created a two pond water garden, planted with natives, at my home. I have a small flock of chickens and an energetic black lab mix dog who keeps me laughing.

I have degrees in Agriculture Education, Water Resources, Environmental Law and Policy, and Environmental Leadership.  I enjoy learning as well as teaching and I am looking forward to educating and working with community on aquatic invasive species.