Water Quality Monitoring Impacted by COVID-19

The WDNR continues to protect the public as the state deals with a rise in Covid-19 cases. Volunteers with the WDNR’s Citizen Lake Monitoring Network (CLMN) have been advised that water chemistry sampling has been suspended, at least for this spring. Water samples are normally taken to post offices and mailed to the state lab by volunteers, but water sampling is not “essential” and it will be safer for these volunteers to remain at home. For now, they may continue taking water quality readings with the equipment they have at hand (Secchi disks, water temperature sensors and oximeters, for example) and entering that data into the statewide database from their home computers.

Lakes affected in our area include Upper, Middle and Lower Eau Claire Lakes, and Robinson Lake. For more information on CLMN and how to volunteer, please contact Kris Larsen (WDNR) at kris.larsen@wisconsin.gov or 715-635-4072.