Upcoming Town Board Elections Candidates Voters’ Guide Absentee Ballot & Early Voting

The election date for our Town Boards is April 2,2019.

For the Town of Barnes, the following individuals have registered as candidates:


For Supervisor (two positions)

    • George (Fred) Barnes -3955 Lake Rd., Barnes, WI  54873 no email 715-795-2252
    • Sue Jansen – 50445 Martin Rd. Barnes, WI 54873 upperlakesj@cheqnet.net 715-795-3163
    • Mike O’Keefe – 1865 Buck n Bass Rd, Barnes, WI  54873 bigmike807@yahoo.com 715-795-3111
    • Donna Porter – 53100 County Hwy Y, Barnes, WI  54873 dporter@barnes-wi.com 715-795-2023

For Town Chair (one position)

    • Eric Neff- 50710 Martin Rd. Barnes, WI  54873 longbowbbs@mac.com 715-795-2821 
    •  Christine Webb – 49405 River Rd. Gordon, WI  54838 chairperson@barnes-wi.com 715-795-3425

For the Town of Gordon, the following individuals have registered as candidates:

    • Denny Kline–Chair; 
    • Tim Haakenson –Supervisor
    • Jim Hankins–Supervisor.


They can be contacted via: clerk@barnes-wi.com and clerk@gordon-wi.com

We appreciate the willingness of these individuals to stand up and serve our communities. 

Last year and this year we submitted to the candidates a questionnaire that serves as a guide to the voters. The questions asked are the following:


BACKGROUND STATEMENT (please share any personal information you would like voters to know):

Ql. Why are you seeking this office?

Q2. What experience (professional/personal/volunteer) will help you in office?

Q3. What issues are facing Barnes/Gordon today and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

Q4. What is your vision for Barnes/Gordon 2 years from now and in 10 years from now?

Q5. How can voters reach you before the election if they have questions for you? 


We will  share  this information with the membership of “The Friends of the Eau Claire Lakes Area”.  This will be done after the candidates edit their drafts for final copy.

Our membership includes some who are registered voters, more who are taxpayers and all who are impacted by the decisions of our town boards.


Absentee Ballot and Early Voting

As noted above the election date is April 2. 2019. For those of
you who wish to vote absentee ballot. One can make a written request to the Town Clerk, at clerk@barnes-wi.com or clerk@gordon-wi.com. You will need to either present a picture ID or scan one in if you are doing this via e-mail.  
If you have voted via absentee ballot before they may have a copy of your picture ID. If you simply wish to vote early, please contact your town office for information. Please,to be sure this is done correctly, contact the Town Clerks or check for information on their respective websites; www.barneswi.us.com and www.gordonwi.us.com to verify this information.
Remember that to obtain an absentee ballot it takes time to request, receive and return by the needed date. So, proceed with that in mind and vote as it is important that you participate in this right and responsibility.