Sue Jansen Candidate Supervisor- Town of Barnes Board

Background Information:
Over 30 years ago, my husband and I purchased a small cabin on
Outlet Bay, Upper Eau Claire Lake. Before I retired from 36 years of teaching 2nd and 4th graders, we bought a home on the Upper, and have lived here as permanent residents for the last four years. For many years before becoming a permanent resident, I have been involved in community activities, volunteering and serving on the town AIS committee as secretary, the VFW, the conservation club, and the LEEP program, which brings Drummond 7th graders to the Barnes area lakes to learn about lake stewardship and ecology. Through volunteering, I have met many wonderful, dedicated people who work hard to enrich and strengthen this beautiful place.
 Why are you seeking this office?

Being retired, I have the time to devote to learning more about how the town works, the financing, the daily operations that are necessary for the safety and well-being of the  residents, visitors and other property owners of Barnes. I am curious, honest, and open-minded.  I know I can make a  positive difference. I commit to representing our community’s interests.
What experience(professionally/personally/volunteer) will help you in office?
As a teacher for 36 years, I learned to work closely with other people to create and accomplish common goals, and to include many divergent ideas and perspectives in the decision- making process. Part of my job involved making short and long-term plans, and I see value in planning ahead.
I have joined with other volunteers here in Barnes to teach, organize, and schedule events(LEEP), to make a difference (Conservation Club and AIS committee volunteer secretary), and to work with others to ensure successful events(VFW) in our community.

 What issues are facing Barnes today and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

I’ll work hard to re-establish enthusiasm and pride in our community. I will invite and provide opportunities for public discussion of issues and pending decisions, expand participation in activities and membership on Town committees, publicize requests for volunteers to share their knowledge, skills, insight, judgment, and energy to help our community succeed and prosper. We need to develop more effective means for communicating information about town issues, to encourage more participation on the decisions that affect all of us.


I supported the expansion of the town building to house  EMTs  and equipment, and will work with others to identify and provide needed services to our area, especially keeping pace with the changing demographics.  I support measures to maintain and improve the health and safety of town residents and visitors by providing up-to-date  fire  and  rescue equipment, staff, and ambulance services with well-trained EMTs.  We need services to help an aging population remain here and flourish, by creating a robust network to link people who need services and skills to people who can provide these services.  I see the need to investigate the availability of adequate housing for low-income families and individuals, as well as creating a support structure for those who need assistance in meeting basic needs.  Alternative sources of revenue for project-focused funding need to be aggressively pursued.

  My 2-year vision for Barnes?  And 10 years from now?

We have much to celebrate here, the beautiful lakes, rivers, streams, the forests, and the many organizations active in our community. In ten years, these organizations, such as Men’s Group, Conservation Club, VFW, Vatten Paddlar, Barnstormer Snowmobile Club, BAHA , in addition to newly established groups, will continue to remain active in  our  community  as they provide many opportunities for learning, enjoying, exploring, and sharing with others all the gifts the area has to offer. Trails and parks in the Town of Barnes or nearby natural areas will all be open to the public, and benefiting from the many volunteers who work to maintain and improve them.
Working together will ensure that our lakes, streams, forests, etc. are passed on to the next generation in the same condition (or better) than when these resources were entrusted to us.


Businesses in Barnes will continue to contribute to our local economy by bringing growth and innovation to the community in ways that protect and preserve the abundant resources that brought us to this area and give us reasons to stay.

 I support efforts to attract new businesses to help stimulate responsible economic growth that provides meaningful employment opportunities to people living in Barnes.


Well-maintained roads and bridges make a crucial contribution to the area’s economic  development  and  growth.  We  know that both require regular and frequent repair and replacement. These are known expenses, and long-term planning will provide for adequate funds to be set aside, minimizing surprises of an unexpected tax increases.


 Barnes is changing and we need to come together as a community to figure out what we want our future to look like, what defines us as unique. Definition determines direction and we’re on the trip together.
I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to listen, to learn, to gather facts from a variety of sources to  help  me  make decisions that are wise, sustaining, and good for our future and beyond, decisions which we all agree will  help  us  move forward.
     How can voters reach you before the election if they have questions for you? 
Susan Jansen: upperlakesj@cheqnet.net715-795-2389