Mike O’Keefe Candidate Supervisor- Town of Barnes Board

Mike OKeefe
1865 Lake road
Friends & Neighbors ,
The following provides the information requested in the “Voters’ Guide.

My name is Mike OKeefe . Many of you know who I  am. I  spent  26  years working for the city of Chicago providing emergency services as a policeman / paramedic / firefighter .

We moved to Barnes in 1996 , full time in 2000 . I’ve  been your Constable for the last 19 years .

 I’m running for town board for the   same reasons I did 19 years ago . I feel I have something to offer , and I care  about this is town , and the  people  that  make  Barnes  a  very  special  place  to live.

 The issues  that  concern  me  the  most  are  the  ones  that  effect  Barnes every day of the year . Re-configuring  our  emergency  medical  /  fire  service  is very important .

 Maintaining our roads , and infrastructure is also an important issue .

 As a lifelong conservative I’ve always  felt  that  viewing  ”  more government” as an answer is wrong . More government is the problem ! We as a local board need to create an environment for small business , new and old  to prosper . All while protecting our natural resources .

 It’s my hope that we as a very diverse group of friends and neighbors will be able  to  compromise  on issues that divide us with the success and prosperity of Barnes as our primary goal. On that I think we all agree .

e-mail: bigmike807@yahoo.com
Phone: 715.795.3111