G Fred Barnes Candidate Supervisor- Town of Barnes Board

I have lived in Barnes all of my childhood and most of my adult life. I grew up working in a Mom and Pop business run by family and relatives — a bar, restaurant, gas station, grocery store, and farming 640 acres of land at the time, one of the biggest farms in Bayfield county.
The answers to the questions presented within the “Voters Guide” are answered in the following narrative:
I served on the Barnes Town Board in the past. In addition, I have been a volunteer fireman and EMT for the Town of Barnes for several years.
My professional activities are as follows; I worked for Aon Corporation, a Fortune 500 company for 40 years in upper management. I have owned with my wife in Barnes a successful beef and dairy farm; also, an antique shop, riding stable, and miniature golf course.
I cannot personally lower your taxes. We can, however, spend your tax dollars more effectively. We have way too much town equipment. We do not have enough space to properly store it all.
The biggest issue facing us today is fire and ambulance protection. This must be addressed and fixed immediately.
Our lakes are our most important asset in our town, not only to lake property owners but also off-lake owners also.
I support all of the businesses in Barnes except two – the trailer court between Outlet Bay Rd. and Hwy. 27. it is a public disgrace to the town. The other is the Buck & Bass report. I do not personally approve of the way they run their business in any way, shape, form, or manner.
If elected, we can hire a town administrator and not raise our taxes to pay the salary.   This can be done by lowering, or eliminating the salaries of the Town Board. I don’t believe we need to be paid, especially if we have an administrator. In addition, we can accomplish this by purchasing less equipment which is used very little.
The only thing certain in the next ten years is change and we must adapt and keep up with it.               
G. Fred Barnes
3955 Lake Rd, Barnes,WI. 54873
Phone 715.795.2252