Donna Porter Candidate Supervisor- Town of Barnes Board

Background Statement:
I have lived in Barnes for almost 30 years now. I belong to BAHA. I have monitored boat landings. I was an EMT for 37 years and am still currently the Secretary/Treasurer for the ambulance and very involved with the July 4th fundraiser. Also, I have been on the Town Board as a Supervisor for several years. I also worked for the DNR for 10 years and the State Bank of Drummond for 20 years.


Why are you seeking this office?
I have been on the board since 2005 and have enjoyed helping in decisions for the betterment of the Town and that is the basis for my decisions.


What experience will help you in office?
I have been on the board several years. I have been involved in the Park Committee and we have been expanding both parks. I had been an EMT for 37 years. I believe my experience and knowledge are helpful. I have been a monitor on the lakes for CBCW.


What Issues are facing Barnes today and what action would you propose to deal with those issues?
There are many issues but I believe on of the most I important issues is the Ambulance Service. Part of it is lack of volunteerism. We have selected community members that have done much research and we have come up with some ideas to help alleviate the problem. One solution is that we are planning on hiring a full-time EMT.
Another concern is for the Town to provide safe roads for everyone and we are always working on that.


What is your vision for Barnes 2 years from now and 10 years from now?
In 2 years and possible sooner I would hope that we have a viable and sustainable ambulance service for the Town to be protected.
And In the long run I hope we can keep up with the paving and crack sealing all our roads so they are safe for everyone.
We are also working on our parks to create more recreational activities by expansion and making more opportunities for our residents and create more tourism in our town.


How can voter reach you?
Phone: 715-795-2013