Committee Guidelines

    1. May be standing or ad hoc
    2. Has a chair and members who are appointed by the Board president with input and recommendations from the committee chair.
    3. Is comprised of
      • Chair (must be a member of Friends of the Eau Claire Lakes Area)
      • dues-paying members-at-large
      • plus invited experts as determined by the committee chair and president and
    4. Carries out written charges from the Board.
    5. May have a nonvoting representative from the Board (Board Liaison).
    6. Shall hold meetings at least once per year
    7. Shall record minutes and provide them to the Board
    8. Shall submit a progress report related to its charges and responsibilities to the Board at least annually for use at the ECLA POA annual meeting in July.

Communications Committee

Charges, objectives: A standing committee to develop and implement an organizational communication capacity. This committee is responsible to carry out implementation and operational details required for effective and efficient communication with and for the members of the POA and other interested individuals and parties. To organize and provide a newsletter, a website and other digital communication, e. g., email communication to members and the public so that we may push and pull information

Members: Carl Heltne (chair), Denny Scharlemann, Carole Rusch, Carol Andresen, Ted Eastlund

Community Education Committee

Charges, objectives: A standing committee to develop and provide public educational programs, conferences, field trips, lectures, publications to support accomplishment of the organization’s mission. This committee will recommend and implement at least one public education program each year.

Members: Ted Eastlund (interim chair)

LEEP for Youth Education Committee:

Charges, Objectives: A standing committee to carry out the Lake Ecology Education Program for YOUTH (LEEP for Youth). This committee will conduct additional topical educational programs for youth to enhance the protection of our lakes and develop future lake health stewards.

Members: Cris Neff (chair), John Kudlas, Jerry Kaiser, Fred Haueter, R. Hershey, Jeremy Bates, Andy Arthur, Ted Eastlund (secretary)

Membership Committee

Charge: A standing committee to recruit and maintain adequate numbers of members to carry out the mission of the organization.

Members: Denny Scharlemann (chair)

Nomination Committee

Charge, objective: A standing committee to recommend to the Board at least one candidate to run for unfilled Officer and Board of Director positions. The Board Secretary serves as Chair.

Members: TBA…(Chair), Tom Boman (president), Cris Neff (vice president), Fred Haueter (treasurer), Ted Eastlund (secretary)

Water Quality (Lake Health) Committee

Objective, Charge: A standing committee to implement the ECLA POA 2013-2018 phosphate initiative. To work with DNR and other stakeholders to reduce phosphorus loading and phosphate runoff entering the Eau Claire Lakes Area, Tier 1 St Criox River Headwaters watershed (ECL) and lake P levels as much as possible. Addresses water quality, sources of nutrient overload, shoreline run off, septic system function, etc.

Members: Tom Boman (Co-chair), Carl Heltne (Co-chair), Ted Eastlund, Fred Haueter